Marine Fin Fish Cage Farms

The project clearly aims to change the status quo with an offshore cage farm installation of significant scale that has the potential to penetrate regional and selected wider international markets with the several thousand tons of Sea Bream to be produced.
A thorough review of all pertinent factors related to the successful development of a large scale offshore aquaculture venture producing specifically Sea Bream has been undertaken and currently the first cages have a capacity of 3000 tons per year.
The company currently cultures a premium quality of gilt-head seabream with a plan to expand to other species like Seabass, Barramundi & other species. With a huge area allocated to the company, Blue Waters is targeting to expand it is capacity to 7,000 tons annually by 2020.

The main areas the company invests in are:
– Fish farming projects with an aim of leading the development of Omani Aquaculture
– Marine Fin Fish Cage Farms, presently with a capacity of 3,000 tons annual production
– Modern Processing, Packaging and Logistic facilities
– Marine Fin Fish Hatchery, with a production capacity of 15,000,000 juvenile per year.
– Establishment of support industries to the fish farming sector, including Hatcheries and Feed Factories.

Al Bustan Marine Fin Fish Hatchery

Supply of bio-secure and iosecure supply of juvenile bream species to developing marine cage farm projects in Oman.
Bream bloodstock, considerably speed up further independent hatchery developments associated with marine cage projects.
The development of bloodstocks, able to supply juveniles due to all-year spawning (advanced & retarded bloodstocks with temperature and photoperiod controls).
Development of marine fin fish hatchery technology which is appropriate for the indigenous bream species found in Omani waters.
Development of marine finfish technology, which optimizes production under Omani conditions.
A free supply of high quality sea water to the existing Aquaculture Centre facilities allowing for extensive research projects to be undertaken by MAFW and other institutes at the Centre.
Operating commercially, providing training for Omani aquaculture technicians in a commercial environment.
A facility, which although operating commercially will be capable of undertaking species development; notably genetic strain selection and nutritional analysis which will be available to further increase efficiencies in marine fin fish production in Oman.