Investing in fish farming projects that lead to the development of
aquaculture sector in the sultanate,shellfish and seaweed ventures.


Blue Water LLC (BWL), a fully owned subsidiary of Fisheries Development Oman (FDO) was formed in February 2016. FDO was formed by Oman Investment
Fund (OIF), Oman’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture
& Fisheries Wealth (MAFW).

To lead the development of a sustainable and competitive aquaculture sector in Oman that promotes, food security needs and employment generation in Oman, while ensuring the environmental continuity required for securing its future growth.


  • Commercially investing & developing Oman’s fin fish aquaculture sector
  • These investments across the value chain are expected to act as a catalyst for domestic and foreign private sector investment in Oman’s aquaculture industry
  • Technology: BWL will through internal and external expertise adopt best in class aquaculture technology and processes in Oman
  • Employment Generation: Over the next ten years, BWL projects are projected to create a significant number of local jobs in Oman

The main areas the company invests in are:


  • Fish farming projects with an aim of leading the development of Omani Aquaculture
  • Marine Fin Fish Cage Farms, presently with a capacity of 3,000 tons annual production
  • Modern Processing, Packaging and Logistic facilities
  • Marine Fin Fish Hatchery, with a production capacity of 15,000,000 juvenile per year.
  • Establishment of support industries to the fish farming sector, including Hatcheries and Feed Factories.

  • Resources biodiversity along > 3000 km coastline
  • World class infrastructure
  • Excellent seafood processing sector
  • Strategic location close to key export markets
  • An investor-friendly environment with attractive suite of incentives
  • Political stability and an orderly civil society
  • Professional, business-friendly legal and regulatory framework

Blue Waters LLC
PO BOX 329, PC 115
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


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