The largest production of Sea Bream in the Gulf Region

Omani Seabream

Oman sea is an excellent marine ecosystem for Sea Bream farming as it is clean and nutritionally rich.


• BAP Certification                                                                            • Physicochemical Environmental Parameters Analysis
• Fishes Flesh Nutritional and Hygiene Analysis

Our Quality

• We aim for products of high quality.
• Guaranteed freshness
• Rich in nutrients and especially omega3 fatty acids.
• Our breams are available all year round to enjoy their quality and taste.
• The best raw materials with proven production methods and controls, our Omani breams, bring the sea at its best.
• Since antiquity it is considered to be one of the tastiest fish and a delectable dish


• Sultan Qaboos University Marine and Fisheries department
• Ministry of Agriculture and Fiheries Wealth – Aquaculture Centre
• Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth – Fisheries Quality Control Centre


We are following international environmental monitoring standards in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth.